Mission, Vision, and Core Values

World-class performances, sustained by men with a passion for singing.
– Excellence –
We recognize that the pursuit of excellence requires high expectations and a high level of commitment from both our leadership and our membership. Through meticulous and disciplined musical preparation and annual evaluations, we strive to give performances of high-artistic quality and maintain the highest standards in the art of barbershop singing.
– Musicianship –
Our roots are firmly embedded in four-part, barbershop harmony, yet we embrace other musical styles as a means of broadening the artistic range of our members and providing musical variety for our audiences. We offer continued support to our chorus members and quartets as we continually improve our public and contest presentations. Rehearsals include various forms of vocal instruction regarding proper singing technique, and are often led by vocal coaches and clinicians to help us improve our performances.
– Education –
Our Society is the largest supporter of vocal music education in the world. We are committed to forming strong partnerships with local school groups, music educators, and their organizations. Our Youth in Harmony workshops, camps, and school visits provide students opportunities to develop healthy singing techniques and a unique repertoire of songs as we share the prized value of singing in the barbershop style.
 Friendship –
We realize that to remain a viable, long-term entity, we must also provide our members with fraternal
opportunities and social outlets to foster camaraderie within the chapter. We support each other, share common interests, and remain connected outside of our musical activities as we build lifelong friendships.
– Community 
We continually strive to exhibit congeniality, cooperation, and respect towards our fellow members, our fellow barbershoppers, and our fellow man. We nurture beneficial relationships with the community and increase access to the performing arts to develop and expand appreciation of barbershop music.
W.E. S.I.N.G. 
Welcome and
  Encourage men of all ages to
    Strive for excellence in singing,
      Inspire one another,
        Nurture meaningful friendships, and
          Give communities exceptional vocal performances